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Lothar Meggendorfer. Das Puppenhaus. Eine Festgabe fŁr brave Kinder Esslingen und Munchen: J.F. Schreiber ca. 1890. 22x26 cm. pop-up panorama met 6 taferelen. A pop-up panorama that opens into 6 scenes (2 outside and 4 interiors) forming the rooms, walls and floors of a dollís house. This is the first edition of the Dollís House with the horse drawn carriage on the first leaf (later replaced with a new illustration of a car). As it is unfolded to its full length of four feet, people, furniture, and even fixtures pop-out and each of the scenes is rich in detail. This is one of the most elaborate and charming of the mechanicals designed by Meggendorfer. See Haining (p. 127) who reproduces the French edition of the entire panorama called Maison de Poupee.


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